improve your Product Photos


Image says a thousand words. when it comes to creating the perfect product photo, there is a lot to consider.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  A clear image helps you to effectively display your product features, but you are reminded to publish images that are created by yourself or your agent.

Basic tips to improve the Product Photos

When displaying products, make sure the product photo is:

  • Less than 1MB in size.
  • Photo background (Canvas) must be square in shape
  • Photo must not Exceeds 80% from the backgrounds

wight 150x150 1                wrong 150x150 1

  • JPEG (.jpg) Gif, or PNG format.
  • File name should be in English or numbers.
  • Preferably to have a one Color Background (white is recommended)

You can set 4 photos for each product.  Photos could be of different angles of this product.  You can add more photos – max. 10 photos more in Detailed Description part.

Why important to make good product photos?

Digital product photography is a huge aspect that you need to think about when trying to convince people in to buy your Product. Online shopping is apparently growing more and more these days. Not only can you find almost everything you need with a simple search, online shopping is time efficient, and often economical. The power of an image is hard to ignore, and if you’re not including exceptional images of your products, then you could be losing out on many lucrative sales.Product photography is important. In fact, it’s so important it might be the difference between making a sale and losing a lot of customers. Your Store visitors will always be drawn to an image before they read the text on the page, which means you need to be sure that your images look awesome.You might be thinking that you are not yet a professional, but that does not matter at all. we are going to provide you with plenty of tips on taking professional product photos, without having to break a Bank.

6 things to consider when planning your product photography:

1. Choose a certain number of images.

The first thing you need to consider when planning your product photography is how many images you want to show off. you must to give sellers an option of adding many product photos (Maximum 4 Images). actually important to keep the amount constant for every product. As a general rule, think about showing three images for every single product.

2. Make use of the image to highlight the Advantages.

In addition to displaying multiple photos, think about how you can use your photos to showcase the Advantages. You can also consider creating life shots of individuals with your product, which is a solid approach many successful brands have decided to take.

4. Make your images interesting.

This is probably the most crucial point to consider. The more appealing your products look, the more likely you should get a sale. There are various techniques that you can do to make your products look as appealing as possible. Get the lighting right so that the product is evenly lit. Experiment with the picture settings. Think about what background you want. Make sure your camera is stable. Apply different diffusion methods. Get the best angle for your product. Spend time editing the photos.