Add single product

  • After logging in, you will be transferred directly to your seller dashboard

How to add a ready similar product from catalog?

If your product has a similar in our catalog, you can use the “Add fm catalog” function on the right side of the main dashboard menu.

Please note that after adding the product, you cannot change the category. but you will have the freedom of changing any product details you wish to fit to your selling product

How to add a new product?

  • Go to the left side menu and ad hover onProducts tab to open a side button “Add new” and Click.
  • Or you can click on the circular icon in the bottom right side of the dashboard

NB. If you clicked on Products Tab you will go the your products List

Upon clicking on “New product“, you will be transferred directly to the new blank product page :

  • First blank page is to choose the type of your product:  you have to choose one of the following: Simple product, Variable Product Or Grouped produc
  1. Simple Products: Simple products have one SKU, are shipped, and have no variations/options. For example, a book
  2. variable Products: Variable products can have multiple variations/options, each of which may have a different SKU or price. For example, a piece of clothing that is available in a variety of colors and sizes an maybe prices.
  3. Grouped Products: Grouped products are related products that can be purchased individually. Note that, grouped products can only consist of simple products. For example, an iPhone could be a grouped product as there are 8GB, 16GB, etc. variations of that same product parent.
  • Writing the “Product  Title”

The main purpose of the title is to attract attention of visitors who browsing the search results page .

  1. The product titles on Aumland can be a maximum of 110 characters. You must provide an accurate description of the product.
  2. Do not misuse keywords: creating a confusing title with many keywords (such as mp3, mp3 player, mp3 player music) will not help you and will significantly reduce the click percentage.
  3. Remember to avoid false descriptions in the title. For example, the vendor sells MP3, but to get more visibility, insert the description of the word “MP4 / MP5” in the title, this is a violation of the platform regulations and at the same time, the product will be reported by the buyer because of the wrong description.
  • Add your price in Egyptian pound

you must include in the product price at the time you are creating it must include VAT. & selling fees

  • Product Image: This is the primary image of your product. It will be used for the thumbnail, catalog, and as the first image on your product page.
  • Product Gallery: Product gallery images will show up as small thumbnails under your main product image described previously. Product galleries, for example, could be used for alternate views of your product.
  • Products short description

The short description typically appears beside or under your product image on its page depending on Customer device. Use this for a brief overview of your product. Save details for the long “description” (described below), which typically appear within the product description tab.

  • Description

Add your product Full & Detailed description in the “Description” fieldPlease note that the good seller is the seller who can make a full, honest & promotional detailed product, which attract the visitor and push him towards the the buying final decision,..

  • Product Categories and Tags: Use categories and tags to organize your products in the categories & Filters
  • Inventory

If you have products that will sell out, be sure to enable “Manage Stock” at the product level. If selected, a stock quantity field will appear where you can enter/add your quantity. This number will reduce automatically as orders are placed. out of stock items can be hidden on the front-end of your Store. On this tab you can also specify if you would like to allow back orders of out of stock items or if they are to be sold individually.

  • Shipping
  1. Enter the weight, dimensions of your product as per hereunder image. The weight and dimensions of your product are required because this is will be used to calculate rates.
  2. Choose the processing time you need to be able of delivering the product to our shipping representative


Here is where the differences between simple and variable products begin like colors, sizes, …..etc. In the following example, we will use an attribute : Color.Select color from the drop down menu and click color check box. select the required product colors “which you will sell”. If you would like to remove any options, click the x next to the term name.Select visible on the product page if you would like customers to choose from these Colors. Then, click used for variations if each color has it’s own sku/price/weight/etc.Make sure to click save attributes as these will not be visible on the variations tab until you do so.

  • Variations

On the variations tab you will add all of the product data for each individual attribute.Click (+) to add variation. Select the name of your color or size,..etc from the drop down menus. Then, fill in the product data for each size. Note: variation price is required or the variation will not show up on the front-endyou can add whatever you want of variation according to your attributesIf you fill in all the product information for your variations, you will now be able to see them on the front-end of your store on your product page.

  • Linked Products

Here you can add up-sells and cross-sells to your product, which is a great way to drive extra sales and increase revenue!Up-sells are displayed on the product details page and encourage visitors to view other products. Think, “You May Also Like…”. An example of an up-sell would be to offer some of your other products to a visitor who is viewing an your store  t-shirt. for exampleCross-sells are displayed on the cart page and relate to the product(s) that your customer has in their cart. For example, if your customer has an iPhone in their cart, you may also suggest that they also purchase a case.To add, simply start typing the name of other products you have already added and select. (Tip: you may want to add all of your products first and go back to do up-sells and cross-sells so you have your full inventory to choose from)


On the advanced tab you can set up an optional purchase note to be sent to the customer after purchase, a custom ordering position, or enable/disable customer reviews for the productNB. Purchasing note must not includes any contact detailsDisable reviews is not recommended at all because it will affect in your ranks and products appearing

  • Submit to review

After filling all the product details, you will have to click on L””Submit to review“: to send your product to review (The review process takes maximum 24 hours)